About DotMcGreggor

Hello I am Dot, a 39-year-old male computer enthusiast and self-proclaimed nerd, whose passion for building and exploring the realms of imagination knows no bounds. With a background in Media Arts and Animation, I have honed my skills in numerous computer languages, and my thirst for knowledge led me to embark on a journey of mastering LSL script. I find fulfillment in helping others, even from a distance, and embraces my role as a problem-solver and creative thinker. My brain is wired to understand the inner workings of things, constantly seeking ways to upgrade and optimize them for efficiency. As the founder of Three Lakes Designs in Second Life, My creativity knows no bounds, catering to custom works that leave a mark on the virtual landscape. Though surrounded by loved ones, I find it challenging to trust others at a deep level, reserving my trust for the closest circle of family and friends. Within this circle, My real-life partner holds a special place, providing unwavering support and acting as a trusted confidant, a rock that has played a pivotal role in my personal growth and achievements. The sense of security I derives from my friends and family is unmatched, and I fiercely protect those I care about. Music, gaming, and networking are just a few of the interests that keep me engaged and excited. Known as a "jack of all trades, master of none," My versatile skill set and eclectic interests make me an enigmatic figure, a walking contradiction. My life is a captivating mosaic of creativity, technological prowess, and genuine connections with loved ones. I am a force of inspiration, continuously evolving and unearthing new horizons in the ever-changing landscape of life.