The development team of Silverwing Asylum brought the event to reality as an immersive horror experience, leveraging the asylum’s dark history and legends to attract Halloween enthusiasts. Additionally, they incorporated the goal of supporting breast cancer awareness by dedicating a portion of the event’s proceeds to breast cancer research and awareness initiatives, utilizing the popularity of the attraction to contribute to a meaningful cause.

Meet the team

The Main Development team, comprised of skilled Second Life Designers, real-life writers, Second Life Writers, LSL coders, Texturers, and Mesh Developers, experienced tremendous success in bringing Silverwing Asylum to fruition after the addition of video and audio teams this year. The Strides Campaign in Second Life’s support has been invaluable, ensuring transparency in the donation process, while securing the Copyright for the Silverwing Asylum Event name adds further legitimacy to the project. The dedicated writing team’s efforts beyond Second Life promise a captivating and ongoing story, all of which contribute to the team’s shared goal of raising awareness and finding a solution for breast cancer, providing people with a better fighting chance against the disease. 

Dot McGreggor
(Founder & SWAHE Designer)

Babs Hazelnut McGreggor
(Business Relations Director)

(Documentation Director)

Bangz Nightly
(Asst. Design Director)

Certified Lunasea
(Lead Script Developer)

(Event Designer)

Apoc Razor
(Team Member)

Nic Siegel
(Lead Audio Engineer)

(Lead Writer)


After five years of determined efforts, Dot McGreggor, the founder, and leader of the Silverwing Asylum event team successfully materialized the idea that originated in the darkest corners of his mind. Despite facing challenges such as sickness, funding issues, design hurdles, and other obstacles, the team’s perseverance and collaboration with like-minded individuals with diverse skill sets paid off, culminating in the realization of Silverwing Asylum in 2023, ready to be experienced by the public.

Join the team

If you are interested in joining our team and contributing to the Silverwing Asylum event, we welcome your application. While we have limited needs outside of Second Life, we are primarily seeking talented individuals to help within the Second Life platform. Please fill out the application form using the link provided below, and we will respond as soon as possible. Thank you for visiting our team page, and we hope you appreciate our efforts. From the Development team and Dot McGreggor, thank you for your interest and support!